The Case for the Digital Platform Act

A Book on Market Structure and Regulation of Digital Platforms

The Case for the Digital Platform Act is a new e-book from Harold Feld, Senior Vice President of Public Knowledge and longtime communications industry advocate, in collaboration with Public Knowledge and the Roosevelt Institute.


The e-book aims to guide policymakers on what government can do to preserve competition and empower individual users in the huge swath of our economy now referred to as “Big Tech.” It is a deep-dive on how to address the challenges posed by the power of digital platforms.

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More About the Digital Platform Act

Praise for “The Case for the Digital Platform Act”

“[...] a tour de force of the issues raised by the digital economy and internet capitalism. Whether you agree or disagree with Harold, these thoughts will stretch your intellect and stimulate your thinking.” -Tom Wheeler, Former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Visiting Fellow at The Brooking Institution

“You’d be shortchanging yourself by not reading the book of such a principled advocate.” -Hal Singer, Managing Director at Econ One Research, Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, Senior Fellow at George Washington's Institute of Public Policy

“I'd bet you can't listen to Harold Feld talk about the Digital Platform Act and not think we need it as law right now. I'm glad Harold Feld and Public Knowledge are making the case for government to do the job Silicon Valley won't.” -Chris Savage, Eclectablog

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About Public Knowledge

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About the Author

Harold Feld is Public Knowledge's Senior Vice President. Before Public Knowledge, Harold worked as Senior Vice President of Media Access Project, advocating for the public interest in media, telecommunications, and technology policy for almost 10 years. Prior to MAP, Harold worked on the Freedom of Information Act, the Privacy Act, and accountability issues at the Department of Energy, to name a few.